Conservation Management Plans & HLF

A Conservation Management Plan is a recommend document for any project seeking support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and is a requirement if you are seeking a grant of over £250,000. At the core of the document is an assessment of the heritage value of your building that shares some similarity with a standard Statement of Significance. In addition to this, there are further sections on the potential risks to your building, and opportunities to improve its condition and use. Finally, and most importantly, there is a section on your conservation management policies that is intended to provide a framework for those looking after the building in the long-term. The process of writing a conservation management plan is complex and involves several stages of consultation and assessment, making it understandably daunting.

If you are seeking support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and want to maximise your chances of success without putting an extra burden on your volunteers, we are experienced in writing Conservation Management Plans and continue to accept commissions for such work. Contact us to find out how we can lessen the load.

Activity Planning

A core principle for the Heritage Lottery Fund is that there grants are not given solely to fund the bricks and mortar of a building or repair project, but also to support activities that help people better engage with historic buildings and use them to their full extent. During the Development Phase of your Heritage Lottery Fund application you will be asked to carry out public consultation and draft a detailed Activity Plan based on the results of these. The plan should elaborate how you intend to increase public engagement with the building both during the building project and once it is created. The plan should also be costed. If your application is successful, part of your grant  will be made to cover these costs during the Delivery Phase. Activity Planning requires detailed knowledge of your existing and potential audiences and, more generally, specialist knowledge of interpretation and visitor experience.

We can be commissioned to produce Activity Plans for your project, contact us for a quotation.